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LED Bars and Arrays
10 Unit
If - Forward Current
20 mA
Illumination Color
LED Size
5.08 mm x 1.78 mm
25.27 mm
Luminous Intensity
2000 ucd
Mounting Style
Through Hole
Peak Wavelength
565 nm
Power Rating
75 mW
LED Light Bars
Product Type
LED Bars and Arrays
Unit Weight
Vf - Forward Voltage
2.1 V
Viewing Area - W x H
24.6 mm x 5.08 mm
569 nm
Wavelength/Color Temperature
569 nm
10.16 mm

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goods very well received very good quality

Received, Fast shipping, not checked yet

Thank you for the help in the selection of the correct driver, connect, works, not heated perfectly!

The timer is running. 10 PCS. Packed properly.

Good material. Great seller, efficient and insurance. Ok

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