Return & Replacement

[1]. Payment

If the customer chooses to pay online, the payment must be completed within 24 hours after the order is submitted. If the transfer is selected, the remittance must be completed within 72 hours after the order is submitted.

If the customer fails to pay on the due date and does not harm any other rights or remedies, CLP HK has the right to enforce

(1) cancel an order or suspend any further delivery or performance;

(2) require the customer to pay full payment immediately, even if these payments should be paid later;

(3) require the customer to pay the costs incurred by CLP HKD for stocking or storing the prepared goods;

(4) The unpaid amount (before and after judgment) shall be charged to the customer at an interest rate that exceeds the benchmark interest rate announced by the People's Bank of China from time to time until the full payment is made.

     (In order to calculate the interest, one month is considered to be a full month).

(5) Requires the customer to pay any or all expenses (including but not limited to litigation costs) incurred by China Light and Power Hong Kong for the recovery of the purchase price, and PCBekey reserves the right to claim further loss from the customer for loss of PCBekey.

[2].Inspection, defects and non-delivery

After delivery of PCBekey  the customer must confirm that the product is received and inspected within the reasonableest possible time if the product is found to be significantly defective and unsuitable for its intended use, or inconsistent with the type, specification or quantity of the product specified in the order, or The customer has any other objections related to the product and should give detailed written notice of CLP Hong Kong within 7days after delivery and must accompany the delivery note. If the customer fails to give such notice, the product shall be deemed to be in conformity with the contract in all respects, and there is no defect that can be discovered after reasonable inspection, and the customer is therefore deemed to have fully accepted the product.

If the customer receives a damaged package, the customer should take a picture of the package to confirm the damage and notify PCBekey immediately before opening the package.

In the event that the customer can cause PCBekey to reasonably and fully demonstrate that the product is inconsistent with or inconsistent with the contract, PCBekey reserves the right, at a reasonable time, to replace the product, reissue the product, or refund the price paid for the product at that time.

[3].Replacement or Refund

Customers must not return any goods unless they have obtained the prior consent of PCBekey  All returned goods are returned by the customer at their own risk and expense and should be damaged and unpackaged by the customer. The customer shall be responsible for returning the goods to PCBekey and provide proof of delivery of such returns. Appropriate precautions must be taken for goods classified as “electrostatically sensitive”.

All items that are accepted for return should be returned to PCBekey within a week of delivery of PCBekey.

PCBekey reserves the right to charge a restocking fee of 40% of the invoice value of the goods (minimum cost of HKD 100) for any goods returned as "unwanted" or "incorrectly ordered" goods.

PCBekey expressly reserves the right to refuse to cancel the order or return of the following goods

(1) The product is not sold and shipped by PCBekey;

(2) The original packaging and the label of the goods are damaged;

(3) The time of receipt is more than 7days, which is the date of the express delivery receipt;

(4) Lost the issued invoice;

(5) Products have been used by customers, except for inherent defects;

(6) Problems that cause product quality include, but are not limited to: accidents, misuse, improper use, misuse, power problems, use of product instructions, and/or storage and/or installation of products,

     Not required for preventive maintenance, normal wear and tear, natural disasters, fire, floods, war, violence, or any similar event; not by PCBekey personnel or PCBekey authorized persons

     Problems with product commissioning, repair or support, processing or resale, and the use of parts not supplied by PCBekey.

If PCBekey receives any products that are not sold and shipped by it, PCBekey will immediately perform inspections and destruction. For products returned by the customer to PCBekey  the customer certifies that the returned product was purchased from PCBelectronics and has not been wholly or partially made by the same or similar products of other manufacturers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors or other channels of the same or similar products. replace.

[4].Force majeure

If PCBekey delays or fails to fulfill any obligation under these conditions is due to any reason beyond the reasonable control of PCBekey (which should include but not limited to government actions, war, fire, pandemic disease, explosions, floods, catastrophic climate , import and export controls or embargoes, labor disputes, goods or labor cannot be supplied, etc.) PCBekey shall not be liable to the customer for any such delay in performance or failure to perform or be deemed to be in default.

Due to the above reasons, PCBekey performance of the contract was hindered. PCBekey could autonomously decide to delay the performance or revocation of all or part of the contract without any liability for delay, withdrawal or any failure to deliver.


PCBekey reserves the right to refuse to trade. Once accepted, the customer is obliged to complete the transaction with PCBekey  except for transactions prohibited by law or this user agreement. No order may be cancelled without the written consent of PCBekey.