ADRF5023 Silicon SPDT Switch, Nonreflective , 9 kHz to 45 GHz

Product Details

The ADRF5023 is a nonreflective, single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch manufactured in the silicon process.

The ADRF5023 operates from 9 kHz to 45 GHz with a typical insertion loss of 1.7 dB and isolation of 42 dB. The device has a RF input power handling capability of 30 dBm for the through path, 24 dBm for the terminated path, and 30 dBm for the hot switching at the RF common port.

The ADRF5023 requires a positive supply of 3.3 V and a negative supply of −3.3 V. The device employs complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS)-/low voltage transistor to transistor logic (LVTTL)-compatible controls.

The ADRF5023 can also operate with a single positive supply voltage (VDD) applied while the negative supply voltage (VSS) is tied to ground. In this operating condition, the small signal performance is maintained while the switching characteristics, linearity, and power handling performance is derated. See Table 2 in the data sheet for more details.

The ADRF5023 comes in a 20-lead, 3.0 mm × 3.0 mm, RoHS-compliant, land grid array (LGA) package and can operate from −40°C to +105°C.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-wideband frequency range: 9 kHz to 45 GHz
  • Nonreflective design
  • Low insertion loss
    • 0.9 dB typical to 18 GHz
    • 1.6 dB typical to 40 GHz
    • 1.7 dB typical to 45 GHz
  • High Isolation: 42 dB typical to 45 GHz
  • High input linearity:
    • 0.1 dB power compression (P0.1dB): 31 dBm
    • Third-order intercept (IP3): 53 dBm
  • High power handling at TCASE = 85°C
    • 30 dBm through path
    • 24 dBm terminated path
    • 30 dBm hot switching (RFC port)
  • RF settling time (0.1 dB final RF output): 3.5 μs
  • No low-frequency spurious signals
  • All off state control
  • Positive Control Interface: CMOS-/LVTTL-compatible
  • 20-lead, 3.0 mm × 3.0 mm LGA package